Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the Company of Vampires

Katie McAllister revisits Fran & Ben from her previous works Got Fangs? & Circus of the Darned (both written under Katie Maxwell). This time, several years have passed & Fran is an adult making her own way in the world. She is determined to have her own life away from being Beloved to Ben, but her past catches up with her. She returns to GothFaire to find a missing mother, help Viking ghosts to banish a God and face her role as Beloved to Benedict who seems to have found a new love interest. Gone is the angst of teenaged Fran, or at least most of it, and this Fran is a little more mature and experienced. It's a more adult romance and a nice follow up to her previous YA writings. I honestly hope Katie McAllister visits with Fran & Benedict again because they are very likable characters and their adventures are excellent.

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