Thursday, December 9, 2010

Darklight by Lesley Livingston

The second in the Wondrous Strange series leaves you with more questions at the story's conclusion. It begins with Kelley in New York rehearsing 'Romeo & Juliet' & Sonny in the Otherworld hunting & killing the last of the Wild Hunt. But, as close to normal as things may seem, the repercussions from Samhain eve are just starting to be felt. Kelley is attacked by a leprechaun trying to recover the stolen clover charm that she's worn since she was a baby. We meet Gwynn Ap Nudd, the Vernal King & Titania, the Summer Queen. Auberon is ailing from a mysterious condition, Mabh is, well, Mabh. Fragments of secrets are revealed, but there isn't enough information given for anyone, even the reader, to truly discern what is happening. We learn that someone is plotting to take control of a lot of power, power that is somehow tied to Kelley & to Sonny. That someone, and the truth behind the attacks, is yet to be revealed...

Having developed the characters & plot line in the first story, Livingston sends us on a bit of an adventure in this story. We travel to Otherworld with both Kelley and Sonny, and we learn a bit more of the history of the Fae Race. There are more questions than answers in this book, making me want to read the third series as soon as it's released :)

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