Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wild Wild Death by Casey Daniels

I had been anxiously awaiting the latest installment in the Pepper Martin series and it was worth the wait!

Pepper Martin can see and talk to ghosts--in fact, she's a sort of paranormal investigator, helping ghosts settle unfinished business so that they can cross to the other side.  Thus far, she's helped a lot of spirits cross over, but it's wreaked havoc on her social life.  Her opportunity to be with Dr. Dan was thwarted by the ghost of his dead wife and Quinn, well he's seen it and still won't believe it.  Her latest adventure, however, might just change all that.

Dr. Dan is in trouble:  he's been kidnapped and his abductors have contacted Pepper to bring the bones of a Native American buried in Cleveland to New Mexico, supposedly to break a curse on the city that exacts itself on the Cleveland Indians baseball team.  Bringing the bones to New Mexico brings Pepper into a whole new world, one where she doesn't need to hide her abilities.  In fact, her abilities are looked upon as a gift by the Native American community and she is accepted and appreciated for being Pepper.

I really enjoyed this new adventure.  I admit, I get worried when a series reaches more than five books because they can become repetitive, tedious or just plain ridiculous.  However, this is the eighth installment in the Pepper Martin series and the change of scenery was refreshing.  Placing Pepper in a situation where she has the opportunity to explore her gifts and what they mean to her showed growth in her character and bodes well for the future of the series.  While I was a bit disappointed in the ending, I think I understand Casey Daniels' reasons for ending the book as she did and I look forward to the next Pepper Martin mystery.

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