Friday, April 8, 2011

Kept by Zoe Winters

I'm not a big reader of Indie authors--no prejudice, I haven't been exposed to too many and the ones I have read weren't very good.  However, I began following Zoe Winters on Twitter--I'd seen some of her tweets being re-tweeted by people I followed and found her to be very entertaining.  Anyway, long story short (too late), she was tweeting about people complaining about having to pay for her work and the plight of Indie authors and I decided to check her out.  I'm glad I did.

Kept (Blood Lust, novella 1 ) is a very well written, captivating story.  It centers on Greta, who is a therian (werecat) about to be sacrificed by her tribe due to her extraordinary power.  She is sent to Dayne, a sorcerer with a questionable reputation, for protection.  Greta is drawn to Dayne, but is having trouble trusting him; however, that doesn't preclude some steamy scenes between the two of them. 

I really enjoyed this story.  I was surprised to find Greta's world written so fully, considering this is a novella.  There were some questions left open at the end, but since I haven't read further into the series, I assume that these will be revisited later on.  Zoe Winters' characters are interesting and she provides an air of mystery surrounding them that makes you want to read more about them.  I certainly plan to read the rest of this series and recommend her work to any fan of paranormal romance.

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