Monday, January 17, 2011

A different review

So, every once in a while, I'll be reviewing something other than a book.  While I read for pleasure & enjoy sharing my reviews, a girl has to eat too.  I'll be honest & forthcoming about my experience with whatever I am reviewing, so, hopefully, my wisdom will benefit my readers :)

I went to Become to check it out & found a great price comparison website.  I love to shop & Become offers a wide variety of categories to choose from, as well as a coupon section--and who can pass up coupons these days?  The main page features hot sellers & top deals, along with shopping blogs and product reviews.  You can really become an educated shopper here!  Also, each subcategory home page includes the same information for that category and highlights the stores connected to each category.  

I started to explore.  The site is fairly easy to navigate.  Naturally, I went to the book section to check it out.  The site is linked to Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and it provides a way for savvy shoppers to compare prices between the two sites in one stop.

However, in order to truly experience the site, I wanted to look into something of which I have no real knowledge.  The automotive category gave me just such an opportunity.  My husband needed some things, so I asked him for suggestions.  First up, fuel injector cleaner.  The site gives you the opportunity to either shop or research your topic, so I started with research.  I found articles reviewing different brands, as well as articles explaining how to use the product or why you need the product.  So, armed with some research,I chose the Shop option next.  I checked out the 08828 regulator price 3m and found prices and information to help me make a more informed shopping decision.  I also looked at the 05 zx10 factory socket  and might have found my husband's next birthday present. 

Overall, my experience at Become was very good.  I appreciate the way the site it set up, especially with giving me the opportunity to both research and compare prices on a product.  This is a site I will be visiting in the future.

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