Monday, January 10, 2011

My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent

Recently, Barnes & Noble's Free Fridays download offered Reaper by Rachel Vincent, a part of the Soul Screamer series.  It looked pretty interesting, so I downloaded it and then decided that I needed to read the series up to Reaper before reading it.  So, I started with the novella, My Soul to Lose, which was released as a prequel to the Soul Screamer series.

My Soul to Lose introduces us to Kaylee Cavanaugh, a young girl suffering from unusual panic attacks.  They are triggered when someone in close proximity to her is going to die and when onset occurs, she can not stop screaming.  Usually, she is able to sense when it is happening and can remove herself from the situation before losing control.  Unfortunately, she isn't able to avoid a dying soul at the mall one day and ends up in the psychiatric ward.

What a great teaser for the series.  Kaylee has no idea the purpose for her abilities or why she even has them.  We are also introduced to Lydia, another young girl with special abilities, allowing her to absorb other's pain.  I assume that Kaylee will be the focus of the Soul Screamers series, but it will be interesting to see if Lydia appears in any of the other books in the series as well.

I was a fan of Rachel Vincent's Shifter series prior to reading this, and I hope that this series is as interesting and well written as the Shifter series is.  Next up for me is My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1), and then, most likely, the rest of the series.

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